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Do you have your eye on a brand new house to call your home?

Perhaps you’ve been scouring all of the listings in St. George and nothing is quite popping out. A part of you might not want to deal with a home that’s x amount of years old – – possible issues, things not working right…(ah, the beauty of aging, right?) 

Hey, we understand! We LOVE helping people like you buy a brand new home. We also understand that it can get overwhelming.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be!

We followed successful Saint George home builders to find out their top secrets. 

In this post, we outline the top ten tips and tricks to follow to build a home successfully in St. George, Utah. 

Therefore, whether you are a St. George Realtor or merely building your own home from scratch, the tips covered here will help you to build a home successfully.

1. Get your finances in order

Building a property for sale in St. George, Utah requires a huge financial commitment. 

In that regard, when purchasing a home, you will most likely need financing from a home mortgage lender. To qualify for a home mortgage, start by seeking proper financial arrangements. 

You will need to:

  • Work on your credit score
  • Ensure debt to income ratio is positive
  • Avoid getting into debts
  • Choose mortgage lenders carefully
  • Start saving for the project

With these important finance-related moves, you can pre-qualify for a mortgage to finance your project.

2. Ensure you have enough financing

When building a property for sale in Saint George real estate, the projected budget may be easily outgrown. This is because of unforeseen expenses. Therefore, ensure you have a good financial cushioning to avoid stalled projects. Apart from borrowing from the mortgage lenders in St. George, you need to set aside some money to cater for emergencies.

3. Have your plans approved

In property development, structural plan and architectural plans should be approved by the respective authorities. Therefore, prepare and present the plans for approval. Otherwise, you risk having the property condemned by the inspectors when you finally decide to sell it.   Properly drawn structural plan and architectural plan will guide the property builders ensuring appropriate standards have been followed.

4. Hire qualified project consultants

There are a number of consultants that you have to include when putting up a property for sale in St. George, Utah. They include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Architects
  • Designers 
  • Project management team
  • Structural engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Registered plumbers
  • Interior and exterior designers

…among others. All these personnel have an important role when building a property. When hiring them, ensure you have done a profession specific interview to determine their suitability to be part of the project.

5. Ensure modern designs to match the customer’s requirements

You need to conduct market research to be assured the property that you are developing meets the requirements of current homebuyers. This is dependent on the particular area. Therefore, involve experienced St. George realtors to make sure that the designs are articulate with the expected end results.

6. Ensure you have an agreement with each of the project stakeholders

Carefully draft a service agreement with the concerned parties. This agreement should outline what is expected of either of the parties. Go through the terms and conditions to avoid surprises in the future.

7. Ensure consistent communication with the team on the ground

To build a home successfully in Saint George, Utah, you need to ensure consistent communication with all involved parties. Have a clear communication line so that the project is not delayed.

8. Hire an independent property inspector

St. George Realtors have the option of using an independent inspector or builder’s inspector. An independent inspector will carry out his or her duties independent of any interruptions. Therefore, hire an expert who has shown professionalism and high-level integrity. After the property is finally completed, homebuyers will involve property inspectors to check if the property meets the regulatory standards. Thus, work with independent property inspectors who will advice when there are possible reasons for property condemning. 

9. Come up with a project timeline with milestones attached to each timeline

Project planning is important in order to be guaranteed the project will be completed in good time. Therefore, come up with a proper outline and work with all stakeholders to make sure the proper timing has been done. Remember that when planning the project timeline, you need to ensure finances are ready.

10. If you choose to build, remember that it required patience

St. George homebuilders can attest that putting up a property requires patience. There are different factors that affect timely completion of the project. Therefore, be ready to move the closing dates in case unforeseen factors disrupt the planned schedule.

Ensure that you use proper building materials. This demands that your project management team and quality assurance team work closely with builders to ensure quality materials and supplies. Use of building materials that do not meet the expected standards affects the property value and attractiveness when you finally list the property for sale.

Here at Salisbury Homes, we are here to make this the easiest, most stress-free, hassle-free experience in St. George home building. We are here for you!

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