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When purchasing a new home, finding a property of choice, and one that is available at an affordable rate is one of the struggles you can expect to go through. At, we take pride in providing our customers with world-class assistance and expert advice. If you are planning to purchase a property, Saint George Utah real estate market is a great choice.  

We will help you find great new homes for sale in Saint George Utah. In addition, we provide home buyers and homebuilders in St. George, Utah easy home financing options through our approved lenders.  Not only will you find a suitable home financing solution from our approved mortgage lenders, but we also provide you with a great incentive, helping you purchase your house at a competitive price.

Therefore, if you are searching for assistance, you can trust us with every step of the way.

Why choose approved mortgage lenders when investing in southern Utah real estate? Here are some crucial reasons why:

1. Years of experience, with hundreds of home buying loans behind the approved lenders

We have already done the background checks and affirmed that the lenders have years of experience, and hence most trusted by other realtors in St. George, Utah. Therefore, if you choose to work with us, you are guaranteed great expertise, helping you choose a financing option that suits your requirements. The amazing experience and great expertise, has made our approved lenders the number one choice.

2. Enjoy discounts on closing costs by choosing our approved lenders

If you choose the approved Utah mortgage lenders for your financing requirements, we will make a significant contribution to the closing cost. We know that closing costs take up a significant portion of the home buying budget. Therefore, a chance to eliminate or reduce the total cost is something we’d be more than happy to do. 

To qualify for the closing costs discounts, talk to our approved lenders for more details. Whether you are financing property purchase or building a new property, our approved mortgage lender will take care of your financial requirements and will ensure they find the best option for you.

3. Enjoy exceptional customer service

Our Approved Utah mortgage lenders provide great customer service. During every step of the way, we make sure we provide you with insight, guidance and utmost care. We have expert loan officers, who will guide you through the application process, answering your inquiries in a prompt and responsive manner. The loan officers will be ready to listen to you and provide guidance.

4. Enjoy unmatchable loans and mortgages

When purchasing a new property, one of the things to consider is access to competitive mortgage interest rates. Our approved lenders provide competitive rates that you could enjoy. Therefore, when you come to us, we’ll walk you through the process and help you find the best financing option.

5. Access to different financing options

There are different types of home mortgages available to our customers. All the different options are available at friendly and competitive interest rates. Here is an overview of some of the home mortgage options provided by our approved mortgage lenders.

  • Conventional   loans

This is a home buying mortgage that is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. To qualify for the conventional loans, the applicant must provide 3% to 20% down payment, which is calculated against the purchase price. The conventional loans require monthly mortgage insurance in case the provided down payment is less than 20%. 

  • The FHA loans

This is a Federal Housing Administration-backed loan and secured by the government. The FHA is the largest insurer of the residential mortgages, and you can access the loan from our approved lenders. 

  • The USDA Rural Loan

This is a no down payment loan, available to home builders in St. George, Utah. The loan allows the homebuyer low monthly mortgage insurance and hence considered a better deal if you are purchasing a property that is available in the specified rural areas. 

  • The VA loans

Another affordable home financing option available to Southern Utah real estate buyers is the Veterans Administration insured loans. The home loan is available for 15 to 30 years period and does not require a monthly mortgage interest. However, it is available to the eligible veterans only. 

  • Utah housing loans

The Utah housing loans provides a no down payment plan for the homebuyer. Therefore, if you are interested in one of the houses for sale in Saint George Utah, the Utah housing loan is a great option. The rates on Utah housing mortgage vary, and so you will need to speak to our approved mortgage financiers to find out the applicable rates. 

Now you know why provides a great option when it comes to purchasing and even financing homes. Therefore, if you are purchasing a home, talk to our approved mortgage lenders who shall provide you great options.

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