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7 Lessons We Learned While House Hunting in St. George, Utah (Don’t miss the 4th lesson!)

Finding the best St. George homes for sale is a call for celebration. However, the process involved can be stressful.

When we decided to begin the search for homes St. George Utah sale, we did not have an idea of where to start. Well, at least, by now we know that the search for best real estate deals can be stressful.

In this post, we share important tips that we learned during our search for St. George homes for sale Utah. Thus, if you feel like you are about to give up, check out these tips to help you make important decisions when searching for homes for sale in southern Utah.

1. Do Not Overlook the Importance of Mortgage Preapproval

Buying a house for cash is a privilege reserved for a few. For those of us who intend to borrow a mortgage to finance the home purchase, make sure you get a mortgage preapproval before starting the search for St. George homes for sale.

The home sellers trust the homebuyers who are in possession of a mortgage preapproval letter compared to those who are yet to acquire one. Consider that a mortgage preapproval letter is intended to guide you in your home search. Thus, you know the price range within which to search for the best property for sale.

2. Know the “Must-Haves”

Do not begin the process of searching for the best homes for sale in southern Utah without a proper description of the features of the house. A list of must-haves makes the search easier as you are able to filter among the available options. For instance, when searching for properties on sale in Southern Utah through online platforms, you can filter the results based on what is on your list. Thus, you spend more time searching for potential properties rather than searching for homes blindly.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Neighbors

Let us say that you love a property within a certain neighborhood. While driving around, talk to the residents, and try as much to friend them. The people who have lived in that neighborhood for long will tell you the things they like or dislike about the neighborhood. Moreover, the residents will most likely inform you of the upcoming construction projects. It is important that you pay keen attention and ask questions when interacting with the residents. The information gathered from such interviews will inform you whether to spend more time within the locality or to move on to another location.

4. Consult a Real Estate Agent

Did you know that involving a real estate agent ease the stress associated with property search? Buyer’s agents are already conversant with the upcoming projects within different neighborhoods. Moreover, they are likely to have copies of the floor plan for different real estate projects in particular areas you are searching for. In that regard, for a majority of smart homebuyers who choose to involve the real estate agent, the process is much smoother.

While hiring a real estate agent, factor the level of experience. This does not mean that new graduates cannot help you find the best real estate deals. However, involving someone who has been in the industry for several years’ will increase the chances of finding the best property for sale.  Let no one lie to you that a real estate agent will charge you high fees. In fact, the home sellers pay the buyer’s agent a commission. Thus, in most cases, the buyer does not incur a dime in service charge by the buyer agents. Lastly, factor working with a local real estate agent as he or she has a clear picture of the available homes for sale.

5. Work With a Budget

Shopping for best St. George homes for sale Utah compares to walking to a shopping mall. While at the shopping mall, you will find different items within different price ranges. The purchase decision has to be informed by how much you have planned to spend on the item you wish to purchase.

The same applies to search homes for sale in southern Utah. Ideally, you end up overspending if you do not have a budget. This could result in serious financial problems, especially with mortgage repayments. To avoid such awful experiences, be sure to shop for a home that is within the amount you plan to spend.

6. Involve your Spouse

If you intend to purchase a family house, it is important you involve your partner. Consider that your spouse too has particular wishes for the new home. Thus, just be sure to give him or her a chance to express what they wish for in your new home.

7. Start Early

Searching homes for sale in southern Utah requires patience. This is so that you have time to inspect the property and consider available options. Making decisions hurriedly will only ruin your experience when it comes to searching for the best homes for sale.


Now you understand the important tips you need to consider when it comes to search for best homes for sale in St. George Utah. Talking to a real estate agent will help you have a smooth experience throughout.

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