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Finding New Construction Homes in Saint George Utah is Quite Easy

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As the real estate market becomes more competitive, finding new homes available soon after construction is becoming critical. You will find that purchasing a resale home through a competitive bidding process results in a higher purchase price. In contrast, purchasing just-built homes at the offer set price makes it easier for new homebuyers looking to avoid the bidding war. 

In St George Utah, new construction homes are becoming extremely popular among clients. This is for obvious reasons like avoiding the competitive bidding process. However, the truth is that finding new homes in St. George Utah is becoming a hectic experience. 

So, how can new home buyers ensure finding new construction homes in Saint George Utah is Quite Easy? Let us look at some important tips to help you in search for new construction homes in St George Utah. 

  1. Understand what a new Construction House is

By definition, a new construction house is simply a home where the buyer is the first one to occupy the property. However, this happens in different ways. 

For instance, a buyer could purchase a plot, collaborate with an experienced architect, who builds a new custom home. 

Alternatively, one may buy a newly built property and the plot it is sitting on, from a real estate developer. This includes the home buying process. 

The process may differ depending on the option that one wants to follow. 

2. What Customization Options are you looking for?

When it comes to purchasing new construction homes, there are different customization options you may be looking into. For instance, new homes St. George Utah provides the following customization options:

  • Built on Spec: this is a home that is completed and purchased as it is
  • Semi-Custom: The structure is mostly built leaving the buyer to customize it 
  • Full Custom: The buyer has control from the beginning to the end of the construction process. 

Therefore, determine the level that you are comfortable with, and ensure you understand the property standards, as this affects the total costs. 

3. Consider New Home Construction Timing 

Besides property customization, another important factor is the overall timing. Overall,  there might be no certainty when it comes to ensuring definite timelines. Factors like weather, delays by the contractor and approval logistics affect the property construction timelines.   

On average, constructing a property could take up to seven months. This depends on the size and customization needed. For instance, an on-spec construction takes less time compared to full custom properties. 

4. Get a Reliable Home Agent 

Buying a new construction home in St, George Utah is similar to purchasing an existing property. You need a knowledgeable and experienced real estate buyer’s agent. This helps you find appropriate deals that meet your customization requirements and properties. Moreover, an agent will inform you of upcoming construction projects you may want to wait for until completion.

The buyer’s agent works hand-in-hand with the property buyer. This is from the house hunting stage through negotiations and closing the deal. In most cases, the house buyers choose full representation by an experienced agent. Therefore, the buyer will have the time to concentrate on important business. Hire a reliable agent in Utah to help you find new homes in St. George Utah.  Builders will often have a real estate agent on-site, to help those interested in the properties.

5. Work with a Reliable Lender 

Mortgage lenders in Utah will finance your home purchase dreams. You need to work with a team of loan officers who have your best interests at heart. Therefore, research reliable mortgage lenders in Utah. Ask loan officers for best recommendations when looking for a mortgage lender that suits your requirements. The real estate agents may hook you up with reliable mortgage lenders in Utah. Thus, ask real estate agents for recommendations. In some cases, real estate agents will negotiate competitive rates for their customers. 

6. Work With a Budget

When buying new construction homes in Utah, it might be easy to accidentally spend more you can afford. For instance, when looking for full custom options, new buyers are tempted to overspend. 

When it comes to buying a property, be realistic about the budget that you cannot surpass, while getting what you are looking for in the new construction home. your real estate agent should be aware of your spending limits. This guides him or her when searching for a new construction home. 

7. Ensure Property Inspection before Closing the Deal 

For newly constructed properties, some new buyers tend to overlook the importance of having the property inspected. In that regard, hire a reliable property inspection officer. They will look at factors to do with structural integrity, the plumbing, and electrical installations, ensuring compliance. 

If the property inspection report indicates no cause for concern, go ahead and close the deal. In case there are issues to worry about, request the builder for changes, or look for another option. 

Key Takeaway

Buying new construction homes in Utah should not feel stressful. Ensure you hire a reliable real estate agent from the onset. Understand the budget and determine the features to look for in the new construction home. 

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