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Meet the Realtor Who has Helped over 1,000 Customers Build a Home in St. George, Utah

If you’re building a property for sale in St George, stop right there, and bookmark this post right away!

At Salisbury Homes, we have worked for thousands of St George home builders ensuring 100% satisfaction and we’re here to share some awesome tips for you 👊 💕

You may be wondering, why do I even need to hire a realtor when having a new home built?

If you are a property developer thinking of putting up more Saint George Utah property for sale, consider these important functions played by builder’s realtors. 

  1. The Builder’s Realtor Ensures Customer Representation

With a realtor onsite, you are making sure your needs and desires are well represented.

Remember that the objective is ensuring that you have established a representation such that from the start of the project, the realtor is responsible for keeping the deal on track and on point, every step of the way 👏🏼

From ensuring that the property design meets the current market demands and that the project is completed in a timely manner. ⏰

The real estate agent works with homebuyers on a daily basis. He or she has a clear understanding of what the buyers are looking for when traversing Saint George Real Estate Market in search for properties on sale. 

2. Real Estate Agents Will Find the Best Deal for their Clients

The overall responsibility of St George homebuilder’s realtors is getting the homebuilder’s best selling price. 

Experienced St George Realtors have established relationships in the industry and a good reputation, and have earned their customer’s trust. 

Therefore, the agent will easily meet potential buyers, attracting the best price. The realtor can easily negotiate an upgrade and up sell the location fetching the property owners the best prices.

3. The Real Estate Agent Has the Property Builder’s Contractual Obligation

Working on behalf of the property developer, real estate agents have the contractual obligation to represent property owners. The agent provides valuable information about the neighborhood such that the descriptions meet the builder’s best interest. 

The objective is attracting the best prices while ensuring the property sells fast. The real estate agents walk buyers through the buying process representing the seller. 

Consider your newly built property as a huge investment and so you’ll want to work with someone who you can trust. Take your time when hiring the right real estate agent as they represent you to a larger extent.

4. Financing Tips

Some home builders will have an approved lenders. And that’s awesome because this will save you the trouble of having to find an outside lender. However, I always encourage you to work with your realtor and lender – ask questions, gather resources so you can feel 100% confident about where you are with financing your new built home!

5. Represents Homebuilder During Property Inspection

A real estate agent will connect the property seller to an independent property inspector. This is to ensure identification of any new home defects. 

With that said, the builders’ real estate agent is an AWESOME resource throughout the property building process. Therefore, make sure you hire a builder’s agent for your home building project that you can trust and feel comfortable with!

If you are looking to build a new house in St. George and want to work with someone that has experience, knows Salisbury homes inside and out, and provide you with VALUE – look no further! I have helped  over 1,000 clients build a brand new home right here in St. George, Utah. We have so many floor plans and lovely communities, there’s something for everyone!

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In this blog, I feature some important functions played by successful realtors working for Saint George real estate developers. Basically, if you are a property developer thinking of putting up more Saint George Utah property for sale, consider these important functions played by builder’s realtors.
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