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Home buying is a huge decision to make for any individual

My Salisbury Homes is one of the leading and most reliable home builders in St. George, Utah. We offer some of the best and highest-quality homes in Utah with the picturesque landscape and scenic beauty of the state. We construct some of the finest residential properties in Utah. The homes we design are meant for comfort and solace. We are fully committed to providing our prospective customers with unparalleled homes and service. We believe in creating value for customers through excellence and innovation. Have you already selected your dream home with us but are stressed about financing? Don’t worry. You can get a New Home Financing Utah with My Salisbury Homes.

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New home financing is just a step away with My Salisbury Homes

My Salisbury Homes helps you increase your home buying power and get into your dream home quickly. We are experienced in the new home financing process. Choosing us for new home financing means you can be stress-free with complete peace of mind. The time required for approval of financing depends on several factors. It can take anywhere between 30-90 days for the loan approval.

Sun American Mortgage is our preferred lender

There are several lenders and brokers in Utah. However, Sun American Mortgage is our preferred partner for financing. There is no compulsion to use Sun American Mortgage to purchase a Salisbury home. However, when you do, you get a special price reduction on the home you purchase with us. If you opt for new home financing Utah from Sun American Mortgage, you can save anywhere between $4,000 and $7,000 on the price of your new home. We can assist you with how this home incentive process works. We have chosen Sun American Mortgage because it goes above and beyond to offer top-notch home financing services to each client. The mortgage team at Sun American Mortgage has several years of experience and hundreds of mortgage loans behind them. With our preferred partner, you can lock in your interest rate today. They have a consistent and proven track record of helping prospective homebuyers achieve their homeownership dreams with a mortgage at a competitive rate.

Seamless and convenient home financing process

The Staples team at Sun American Mortgage is quite familiar with the home buying process at Salisbury homes. The team makes new home financing Utah a smooth journey for prospective homebuyers. Even if you are unaware of how home financing works, the Staples team will give you complete information about how home financing works. With the Staples team, you can sit back, relax, and focus on other important tasks. By choosing us and our finance partner, Sun American Mortgage, you can save valuable time. We also help you find out what loan amount fits your monthly budget. The financial advisor takes into consideration your existing situation before helping you decide how much you can afford to spend on your new home.

What makes us different?

At My Salisbury Homes, we believe in being completely transparent and honest with our customers. We always provide clear and precise information about all our homes in Utah. Not just this, we provide complete information about the new home financing service as well. We aim to achieve a win-win situation for both our finance partner and our customers in every deal. We are committed to delivering a great experience to customers at every stage of the new home finance process. We are committed to making things easy for customers. Whether it is only buying the best homes or new home financing Utah, we are always there to serve customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority in whatever we do.



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