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People who actually work in the real estate industry are the only ones that can buy a house like an expert… 🤔

If this is what you believe, think again. 

I’m here to tell you that you, too, can buy a house like a PRO in St. George. Some factors including the time of the year, the location and prices. This blog will focus on some of these hacks to provide you with the right knowledge on how to buy a house in St. George’s real estate.

What Time Of Year Are Houses the Cheapest?

The time period of the year affects house prices in almost all real estate agencies.

Many buyers are fond of touring St. George real estate during the warmer times of the year. To their surprise, many of them go back disappointed since they can’t find the house they really want that’s within their budget. This is because the warmer periods of the year have a negative impact on the prices of the houses. The houses are quite more expensive during these times of the year than in other months.

The winter months of October through March offer some of the best housing prices. January and February are the months where houses are the cheapest! During this time the owners are in haste of selling the houses that have not been sold hence making them cheaper.

Is There Any Best Time To Buy A Home?

Honestly, there is no simple answer to this. There are several factors that come to play when it comes to buying a house. Factors such as price, location and size of the house really matter when deciding on the house you want.

For instance, no one knows what the prices will be like in the near future. Even experts try to predict but some of the predictions aren’t quite as correct as we both know. Therefore we should not over-rely on these types of predictions. Don’t wait for the prices to go down as predicted if you can afford it today. The future is never certain and therefore strike while the iron is still hot and go for it when the timing works best for YOU!

Home Owning is Possible

St. George’s homes for sale are quite affordable when you align yourself with the right financing solution. For example, you could look into an FHA loan to finance your home if you have a lower down payment saved up or need something that will accommodate certain ranges of credit scores. There are other types of financing options available as well to fit various types of home owning scenarios. Simply put, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t pursue the home of your dreams in St. George. 

If you are looking to buy a new build house in St. George and want to work with someone that has experience, knows Salisbury homes inside and out, and provide you with VALUE – look no further! I have helped  over 1,000 clients build a brand new home right here in St. George, Utah. We have so many floor plans and lovely communities, there’s something for everyone!

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