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Top Secrets to Help Sell a Home Faster – #5 is Our Favorite

Do you own homes for sale in southern Utah? Selling a home quickly is an opportunity to maximize profits. Unfortunately, the entire process can become overwhelming. In case you think selling St. George homes for sale is a child’s play and any strategy works, you may be in for a rude shock. To find a serious buyer quickly, you have to play your cards right. In this post, we feature top secrets to help sell your home faster.

1.  Ensure the Right Pricing     

Pricing the property correctly from the start is crucial. Unfortunately, some sellers tend to overprice a property, in a bid to maximize profits. Others want to underprice the property, thinking they will sell faster. If you overprice the property, fewer buyers (if any) will come to see it. Remember that buyers have multiple information sources, and can tell that a property is overpriced. So how do you determine the market value?

Good question! A comparative market analysis will help you understand the best listing price. The comparative market analysis takes into consideration different aspects. Here is an overview of the points to take into account when conducting comparative market analysis.

  • Compare the value of properties that have sold within the past six months
  • Check the listing price on the homes that are under contract but have not sold
  • Lookout for active listings within your area
  • Pick insights from the off-market, withdrawals, or canceled

Determining the right pricing for your property helps sell the property faster. Thus, ensure you have analyzed pricing before listing the property.

2.  Depersonalize the Property

Take out the more personal stuff within your house. This allows interested buyers to view the various features within the property. This way, the buyer can visualize how they can utilize the available space to their advantage. Depersonalization includes pulling down any wallpaper, removing all family photos and memorabilia collections. Depersonalization can be done effectively if you hire an experienced home-staging expert.

3.  Arrange home showings

A home showing is an opportunity to showcase the floor plans and the various features that make your home livable. Ideally, the property needs to be show-ready at all times. This is because you never know when to expect the buyers to walk through the door. Moreover, you need to be available at all times to showcase the property to interested buyers. Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink, and the clutter should be taken out to ensure the property looks appealing and, most importantly, inviting.

4.  Ensure the Property is Well Lit

Maximizing the light in your home is an important aspect when preparing it for showings. Good lighting attracts the buyer’s attention and helps to highlight different features. Thus, do whatever you can to ensure your property is well lit. Homes St. George Utah sale feature upgraded lighting, which is critical when it comes to ensuring the property will sell faster. People love light and bright colors, and this is the best approach to show off the property. Ensure the curtains are opened, take off the blinds and shades to allow natural light in. In case the natural light situation is lacking, place lamps and other light sources throughout the property to set the right mood.

5.  Engage a Qualified Realtor

To sell St. George homes for sale faster, engage the services of an experienced real estate agent. Real estate agents have been in the market for a longer time. Thus, they understand the different secrets to ensure a property is sold faster—leverage market knowledge and experience. Therefore, the property owner does not experience the pressure that comes with trying to stage the house for sale. The property agent will take off the heavy burden and ensure your property is well exposed.

6.  Post Professional Photos

When buyers see a property on sale, whether through a listing service or on social media, photos are the first thing they will want to look at. The images can dictate whether the property meets the expectations. Good real estate photos should be able to highlight the different features of the property. Do not forget to ensure a professional photographer is involved.

Key Takeaway

We have looked at the essential tips to help sell your property faster. Engaging the best real estate agent helps to ensure the property will sell more quickly. Therefore, make sure you hire an experienced Realtor. 

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