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Why St. George Utah is Your Best Bet for Buying a New Home Construction

St. George is a city located Southwest of Utah with an estimated population of about 87,000 people. The number of people moving to and buying houses for sale in St. George Utah has been increasing at a high rate compared to other communities within Utah. As the demand for housing increases, the number of new home construction in St George Utah has also been increasing tremendously in the last decade.

This should not be much of a surprise as St George Utah is ranked as one of America’s best places to live. The community enjoys an amazing landscape and experiences milder winters compared to the rest of the state. What makes St. George Utah a good place to buy a new home?

In this post, we look at some of the pros of living in St. George UT.

1. Modern Housing

A top reason to go searching for houses on sale in St. George Utah is the modern housing opportunity. The City offers hundreds of different housing developments featuring modern floor plans and the latest designs. From energy-efficient solutions to custom homes for the modern lifestyle, the new build homes feature livable designs and inclusive standard features. 

If you are looking for a quick move-in home in St. George Utah, you will find hundreds of houses ready for occupancy. Select one of the houses for sale in Saint George Utah and move your family into a new community right away!

2. George Utah has Recorded Much Lower Crime Rate Compared to National Average

Are you are wondering whether St. George Utah is a safe city to live? Well, the crime rate as of Dec 2018 stood at 170.9 compared to the national average of 280.5. This ranking illustrates that St. George Utah is a safe and secure neighborhood, given that the crime rate is astoundingly lower than the US average.  The St. George Crime rate in 2018 fell by 4% compared to the year 2016. Over the past five years, the city has recorded a decrease in property crime, although the number of violent crimes has increased slightly.

3. St George Schools Provide Quality Education

For a good number of people considering purchasing a home within St. George Utah real estate market, the common question is whether their children will get access to the best quality schools.  

Well, St George Utah has a decent amount of charter schools, with each chartered institution offering some core curriculum or certain specialty. The public schools within St. George Utah are all under a single district which is Washington County School district.

Just like any other city, the performance of students is only as good as their instructors. Moreover, the instructors change over the years, but the management of schools keeps improving the performance levels. Various schools within the district will allow residents to choose the school they want to enroll their children. however, the schools are located close to the communities, making it easier for children to commute to and from the schools.

4. Cost of Living in St. George Utah is Affordable Compared to other Cities

If you can afford the houses for sale in St. George Utah, there is no doubt that you can pay the remainder of living expenses when you move to St. George UT. The cost of living index for St. George Utah is 7% less than the national average, 6% less than Utah average. This is based on the accumulative cost of food, transport, health services, rent, utilities, taxes, and other miscellaneous charges. St. George Utah is ranked as 78th most expensive city in Utah.

5. Enjoy amazing Outdoor Explorations

When moving to a new city, the “things to do” in that city is one of the search items in mind. Therefore, if you are concerned about the things to do in St. George Utah, you will see plenty of nice places to explore. The city enjoys an amazing landscape perfect for bikers, with all trails marked by winning scenery. There is plenty of hiking trails with exciting sightseeing opportunities.

The state parks like Snow Canyon and sand Hollow are among the most favorite places to visit in St. George Utah. For families, St. George Utah offers hundreds of family-friendly recreational places within the city.

6. Urban Amenities with rural Feel

When looking for a place to live and work, a majority of people desire the urban feel or small towns with an urban feel. either of the two types of living comes a unique set of shortcomings as well as the benefits. Irrespective of your choice, St George is a perfect place to move into. St. George Utah provides modern amenities and appeals to those who love and prefer the urban feel as well as the out-of-towners.

We have looked at some of the top reasons why Saint George is a great place to live. It is clear that every city has top reasons for being a special place to live and work. However, St. George Utah is a unique place to live, featuring best houses for sale with unique design and modern amenities. The city ranks as one of the fastest-growing, meaning there are dozens of employment opportunities. This means that it is true that the cost of living is affordable compared to the national average. 

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