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In 1989, Rick Salisbury sold his masonry business, took out a second mortgage on his home and bought nine building lots in Spanish Fork, Utah. He built those nine homes from the ground up, with careful attention and care he had come to learn from his years of experience in the construction industry. At this point, Rick’s vision of building quality homes at affordable prices began to take form and Salisbury Homes was founded.

Over 40 Years of

Now after 40 years of building, Salisbury continues to be Utah’s most affordable home builder. Our proven methods and passion for home building set Salisbury Homes apart from the rest. Your home will be, as we like to say, “Built By A Builder”. Unlike other investment and real estate companies who focus solely on final numbers and growing profits, our team focuses on the quality and details that create a well-crafted and high-quality residence. With a team of industry experts who are passionate about building beautiful homes on your side, you can be sure your new home is in the right hands.

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Rick applies his talents and passions to create a fail proof method for building affordable, high-quality homes. To craft a quality home with such a quick turnaround rate, Salisbury employs a team of loyal and hard-working subcontractors who often work with each other to eliminate any wasted time.

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